vascuCAP® Clinical Edition

First-ever FDA and CE cleared non-invasive tool to objectively measure all key characteristics of high-risk plaque, validated against histopathology

Left Carotid

Use Cases

Determine Optimal Medical Therapy

Stratify Risk of Event

Track Response to Therapeutic

Plan Procedures







Only non-invasive test that allows analysis of all key biomarkers, leading to unprecedented specificity:​​

  • Stenosis, remodeling, and ulceration

  • Atherosclerotic plaque burden and structural measures of magnitude and stage

  • Tissue characterization in vessel wall

Patented Computer-Aided Phenotyping® allows users to identify imaging biomarkers of plaque stability

Histology-validated Plaque Morphology Viewer and Risk Ratio

Tissue Types:​ Lipid Rich Necrotic Core, Calcification, & Matrix

Purchase Models

Software License

  • Software is purchased and installed locally at customer site

  • Report is easily accessible to physicians and care team

  • Elucid provides training and remote customer support

Elucid Analysis

  • Elucid receives secure transfer of image and performs analysis

  • Report is easily accessible to physicians and care team


First FDA-cleared use of advanced knowledge representation, and roadmap of progressive and robust machine intelligence

Reporting for the referring physician:

  • Interactive report displaying discrete measurements of key properties along the vessel

  • Longitudinal progression/regression plots

  • Easy toggle to narrative version of report to provide easily-digestible key takeaways for provider note