ElucidVivo Research Edition

Progressive application of machine intelligence as a proving ground for Clinical Edition enhancements, including FFRct & Event Prediction

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Additional Measurements:

  • Intraplaque hemorrhage (IPH)

  • Automated cap thickness

  • Systemic inflammation markers (e.g., PVAT)

Machine Intelligence Models:

  • High-Risk Plaque (HRP) Phenotyping

  • Fractional Flow Reserve (FFRct)

  • MACE and MANE prediction

  • Dominant molecular mechanism

  • Longitudinal atherogenic vs. atheroprotective phenotype adjusted for age and sub-type

First FDA-cleared use of advanced knowledge representation, and roadmap of progressive and robust machine intelligence

Reporting for the referring physician:

  • Interactive report displaying discrete measurements of key properties along the vessel

  • Longitudinal progression/regression plots

  • Easy toggle to narrative version of report to provide easily-digestible key takeaways for provider note

Patient reporting extensions:

  • Reference cohorts: normal vs. diseased ranges

  • Natural language generation of findings with automatic lesion detection

  • Per-patient prediction models of adverse outcome