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Risk-Based Clinical Trial Patient Inclusion/Exclusion

  • Accurately assess current plaque composition to determine if therapeutic would be appropriate based on parameters of therapeutic indications (e.g., exclude patients with little/no or too severe atherosclerosis, especially for immuno-oncology where plaque may rupture)

  • For disease types beyond cardiovascular (e.g., oncology), exclude patients at high risk of cardiovascular event

Expansion of Druggable Patient Population (2x-3x) For Approved Biologics

  • Measure statistically significant biological drug response 9+ months earlier than any other available technique, validating response for earlier treatment in broader patient population 

Development of Drugs For Early-Stage Disease Treatment

  • Capture statistically significant therapeutic response among patients with subclinical disease, enabling early treatment to slow and prevent progression towards interventional care

A Plausible Path to Market For Anti-Inflammatory Drugs to Treat CVD

  • Quantitative measures of CVD response to anti-inflammatories reveals systemic inflammation as a dominant mechanistic driver vs. circulating lipids - includes the first non-invasive measurements of cap thickness, quantity/proximity to LRNC to the lumen, and zinc homeostasis

Reduced Cost of Clinical Trials By Over 50%

  • Reduce the size of clinical trial patient population required to achieve clinical endpoint using quantitative inclusion/exclusion criteria based on MACE/stroke prediction diagnostic vs. non-specific patient suitability markers

Longitudinal Tracking of CVD Biomarkers and Drug Response

Study Example: 

Determine the efficacy of a drug in clinical trials or during patient care by tracking plaque progression or
regression over time

Longitudinal plaque regression of a patient in response to a therapeutic



1-Year Follow-Up

Lipid Rich Necrotic Core

Source: “Treatment of Psoriasis With Biologic Therapy Is Associated With Improvement of Coronary Artery Plaque Lipid-Rich Necrotic Core.” Choi et al, 2020, Circulation

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