Clinical Trial Applications / CRO

vascuCAP’s unprecedented specificity and ease of use has made it the perfect tool for researchers and pharmaceutical companies to utilize for clinical trial patient selection & longitudinal tracking of plaque regression as a clinical endpoint

Longitudinal Tracking of Plaque Regression
(Clinical Endpoint)

Determine efficacy of drug in clinical trials or during patient care by tracking plaque progression or
regression over time

Plaque regression, patient responding to treatment

Clinical Trial Patient Selection / Exclusion

  • Accurately assess current plaque composition to determine if therapeutic would be appropriate based on parameters of therapeutic indications (e.g., exclude patients with little/no or too severe atherosclerosis, especially for immuno-oncology where plaque may rupture)

  • For disease types beyond cardiovascular (e.g., oncology), exclude patients at high risk of cardiovascular event

CRO Offerings

Elucid offers vascuCAP quantitative imaging services to evaluate the severity of vascular disease, in particular, atherosclerosis, and assess longitudinal therapeutic response to investigational therapeutic agents to vascular disease