At Elucid we are Bringing Imaging to Life. Our mission is to avoid heart attacks and strokes at a reduced cost by applying artificial intelligence to diagnostic imaging. We believe that current cardiovascular diagnostics are often either expensive, burdensome to the patient, or not sufficiently accurate. Medical imaging offers an economically efficient and non-invasive method for capturing patient health information, but additional tools are needed to realize its full diagnostic power. Our software is part of that solution, and we will continue to develop additional applications to support sustainable, enhanced patient care.



After years of research, Elucid was founded in 2013 with a mission to better understand the underlying cause of heart attacks and strokes: subclinical atherosclerosis. Elucid sought to translate these findings into a useful clinical tool to deliver better care and help reduce the number of events. The tool had to be accurate, efficient, and cost-effective. With those requirements in mind, Elucid released vascuCAP (now ElucidVivo) to bring this knowledge to the market and improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Elucid continues to innovate and develop novel, AI-enabled solutions to healthcare’s toughest challenges.



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