• 0623T Automated quantification and characterization of coronary atherosclerotic plaque to assess severity of coronary disease, using data from coronary computed tomographic angiography; data preparation and transmission, computerized analysis of data, with review of computerized analysis output to reconcile discordant data, interpretation and rep

  • 0624T data preparation and transmission

  • 0625T computerized analysis of data from coronary computed tomographic angiography

  • 0626T review of computerized analysis output to reconcile discordant data, interpretation and report

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Enabling Precision Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease

FDA-cleared and CE-marked cardiovascular diagnostic image analysis software

vascuCAP is the only software developed and validated in histopathology to evaluate atherosclerotic plaque stability from a single CT Angiography to inform risk of event (MACE or Stroke) and treatment selection

FDA-Cleared, CE-Marked, & Reimbursed 

Informing Stoke Risk & Treatment Determination
Informing Risk of MACE & Treatment Determination

The vascuCAP®  Advantage

standard care



  • Over 40% improvement in stroke prediction accuracy over stenosis-based guidelines

  • Over 30% improvement in MACE prediction accuracy over current standard of care


1. As presented at Society for Vascular Surgery conference 2020, "CRISP" trial interim results

2. “Automated plaque analysis for the prognostication of major adverse cardiac events” European Journal of Radiology

standard care
  • Reimbursement for both workflows

  • Reduction in unnecessary, invasive diagnostics that do not need to intervention 

(1) Potential after 1 year when compared to standard care for total health care system due to better outcomes, reduction in overtreatment, and increased provider efficiency

standard care

  • On-premise software analyzes in minutes

  • Better informed decision-making to improve patient outcomes

  • Non-invasive procedure reduces patient burden & time spent in facility

plaque morphology software

atherosclerotic plaque software

high-risk plaque software

plaque quantification software

atherosclerotic plaque quantification software

Clinical Edition

FDA-cleared & CE-marked arterial analysis software for clinical use

Research Edition

Arterial analysis software with innovative additional features for research and studies


Radiological image and annotation database/knowledgebase system

high-risk plaque software

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